Every Website is unique and it's contents varies what the product and services of the business is all about. We cannot just guess or make magic for your website. We need your time and cooperation for us to design your website accordingly.

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Domain Name, Web Hosting, Web Design, and SSL Certificate.
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  • .com TDL
  • 10 GB Web Host Storage
  • SSL Certificate website security
  • 4 Pages Responsive Web Design
  • Basic Organic SEO
  • Contact form
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  • WordPress (Classic, DIVI, WPBakery Bakery, Elementor & etc.)
  • Shopify
  • Jimdo Builder
  • Wix
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • e-Commerce

Different Types of WebsiteAt HEDWIGweb we strive hard to serve and help our clients in every walks of life as much as possible. When it comes to business or personal websites, we like to push boundaries that separate deep-pocketed businesses and individuals from start-ups, small and medium businesses by helping them establish their credibility and online presence. There are many types of websites if we will dig deeper. At HEDWIGweb, we focus on 4 types of websites and the rest of our time and effort is to focus on quality and customer support. We understand the different types of website that suits your budget and needs.

Blog Website


A blog website is for individuals who regularly write and update blog articles for their audience such as travel blogs, food, hobby, and etc.. If your blogs are just regular sizes of photos and text then it doesn’t need much disk space to host your website. At HEDWIGweb we recommend you start our Capella Hosting package. The cost for this type of website is around $400.00NZD to $650.00NZD + GST, we will design you 4 pages of beautiful responsive website design that suits your blog site.
Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you with your website.

$400.00 - $650.00NZD + GST


Portfolio Website


A Portfolio website type is for creative professionals who wants to showcase their talents and skills like an artist, designers, photographers, filmmakers and etc. For hosting we recommend our Arcturus Hosting package as 10GB disk space is more than enough to host with more graphics website.
The cost of this type of website is range from $600.00NZD to $850.00NZD + GST.
Contact us today and we can give you a great deal package for your portfolio website.

$600.00 - $850.00NZD + GST


Corporate Website


This type of website is very common for start-ups, to running small and medium businesses. Having a business website will establish your credibility and brand. This type of website is our hot deal! For hosting we recommend you start our Canopus hosting package which allows you to have business email addresses, add subdomains and Addon Domain.
This type of website is around $690.00 to $1,200.00NZD + GST, a professional, elegant, and responsive web design that suits your type of business. Don’t worry if you are not that technical about hosting and website. Leave it to us, that’s our job. Contact us today on how we can serve and guide you. If there’s something blurry discuss it to us.

$690.00 - $1,200.00NZD


E-Commerce Website


E-commerce is an online shopping website that allows users or your customers to purchase products and services on your website. Nowadays this type of website is getting more popular as people like to shop online to save time and money. This type of website is very complicated to design as we have to set-up your back-end store so that you can sell your goods and receive payments and so on and so forth. At HEDWIGweb our best offer starts from $1,300.00 to $3,800.00 and up + GST, this depends on the design, functionalities and number of products.

Contact us today and let’s discuss everything.

$1,300.00 - $3,800.00NZD


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