02Sep, 2020

Safer to pay with Paypal

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Nowadays, online shopping is getting more normal to most people globally. Hundreds of e-commerce websites are being launched every day. To make the purchase more comfortable online there are a lot of ways of online payments. To mention a few are using a credit card, debit card, PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, and a lot more to pay more easy and fast.
But the question, is it safe to use those payment gateways online?
I had been researching this as I shop online too. What I found is that it’s safer to use Paypal. I’ve been a member of PayPal for many years and so far it’s so good and safe. Sometimes if the e-commerce website doesn’t have the option to pay with Paypal then no choice I have to use my credit card. Directly using our credit card to many different merchants is NOT SAFE as we are exposing our private details.

What I like in Paypal is I can connect my credit card to their system. In this way, I keep my private details in one place(at Paypal). So when I pay online using Paypal it has a more extra layer of protection. It’s advisable NOT to connect your debit card to Paypal or to any payment gateways as an online thief might harvest your cash without your knowledge.

Connect your Credit card to Paypal.

DO NOT connect your Debit card.

Here at HEDWIGweb, we choose Paypal as one of our payment gateways aside from online transfer. We value our clients and want them to be safe in their online transactions on our website and for more protection SSL certificate been installed and the checkout is SSL Organization Validation is also installed.

Keep Your Online Shopping Safe.
More tips of safety online shopping visit
Read more about the safety of using Paypal: https://www.thebalance.com/is-paypal-safe-315818

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